cold mirrors

Cold Mirrors (2011)

filth kiss

Filth Kiss (2007)

Eileen Daly's Screen Queens Festival

Jan 12, 2016

I will be appearing at Eileen Daly's Screen Queens Festival at the Roxy in London on 13th February! Full details here but I'll be taking part in a Q&A about horror and there are tons of other cool things happening throughout the day including film screenings, cabaret and various things that go bump in the night. You can even get your teeth turned into vampire teeth.

Buy a ticket!

New blog, features and more!

Jan 01, 2016

I haven't updated this site too often lately but I have been regularly writing a blog over at Ninjas All The Way Down. It's currently celebrating its 50th post so go have a read!

I've also been writing monthly features for Den Of Geek about martial arts films. Recent highlights include:

Looking Back At The 36th Chamber Trilogy

The Top Ten Bruceploitation Films

Meet Fatal Deviation, Ireland's Only Martial Arts Film!

Jackie Chan's Hard Road To Hollywood

I also wrote the 28 page booklet that comes with the Eureka Classics release of The Ninja Trilogy. You can buy it here.

And, to cap it all off, I was recently interviewed by the very funny Ed Fargher for his Ed & Friends podcast, where I talked about ninjas and played some improv games. You can listen here!

Don't forget, if you want to keep up with all this kind of news as and when it happens, follow me on Twitter - @cjlines

Some recent activity

Nov 12, 2014

I've been busy writing various pieces about horror films lately.

You can read the latest ones here:

The Beginner's Guide to Italian Exploitation Cinema (Den of Geek)

The Unseen Films of Paul Naschy (Den of Geek)

Exploring the Bargain Bins of Supermarket Horror (Den of Geek)

Grime and Punishment : The Films of Pete Walker (Verité Magazine)

I also made a guest appearance on the Film Jive podcast for their Halloween "Soundtrack of Terror" special, where I talk about my favourite music in a horror film... I show up around the 45 minute mark but it's worth listening to the whole thing as there are some great choices and stories from some of the other guests too!

Soundtrack of Terror Podcast (Film Jive)

CJ Lines appearing at Scotch Egg - 21st July

Jul 10, 2014

I will be live storytelling (new and exclusive material!) on July 21st at The Alma N1 as part of the Scotch Egg Variety Night. There'll be some comedy, poems and music as well and it promises to be a great night. Probably the best £5 you can spend in north London on a Monday night. Come along!

CJ Lines appearing at Scardiff 2014

Jun 20, 2014

I'm leaving the boundaries of the M25 and, providing I don't burst into flames as a result, will be making a personal appearance at the Scardiff horror expo in Wales. I'll be selling books, signing books, drinking coffee and hanging out with my buddies at the Rock'n'Rouge stall for much of the day. So come say "hi!" if you're in the vicinity.

Sunday 19th October. Cardiff Masonic Hall.

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